“Words fail me. Tonight, hundreds of people were killed – horrifically – in a massive strike at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, including patients, healthcare workers and families that had been seeking refuge in and around the hospital. Once again the most vulnerable. This is totally unacceptable.

At least six people were also killed this afternoon when an UNRWA school was hit in al-Maghazi refugee camp, in Gaza’s middle area. The school had been serving as a shelter for some 4,000 seeking refuge.

Hospitals are sacrosanct, and they must be protected at all cost.

We don’t yet know the full scale of this carnage, but what is clear is that the violence and killings must stop at once.

All States with influence must do everything in their power to bring an end to this horrendous situation. Civilians must be protected, and humanitarian aid must be allowed to reach those in need as a matter of urgency.

Those found responsible must be held to account.”

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