In 1977, the United Nation’s General Assembly adopted resolution 32/40 B, declaring the 29th of November of each year as the “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,” a date coinciding with that of the General Assembly’s adoption of resolution 181 (II)) partitioning Palestine. Over the years, the Palestinian people and free people standing in solidarity with their national rights continued to honor this day through solidarity activities, whose forms and slogans varied from year to year.

This year, we remind the world of this international decision to establish a Palestinian state, hidden in drawers for 76 years, despite Palestine’s official acceptance of a Palestinian state being established on less than half of the area allocated by the United Nations. Nevertheless, Palestinians holds to a two-state solution on the basis on General Assembly resolution No. 181.

As we honor this day, occupation authorities not only implement policies of apartheid, but also wage an aggressive war against the Palestinian people. Such amount to ethnic cleansing in the West Bank and to genocide in the Gaza Strip, among the most serious war crimes and crimes against humanity. We launch this call, to consider this weekend (29 November–1 December) as a weekend of solidarity with the Palestinian people, with Friday, 1 December, and Saturday, 2 December, dedicated to mass demonstrations in capitals across the world in which Palestinian flags to be waived freely. In this context we call for:

  • An immediate and unconditional cessation of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people.
  • Immediate cessation of colonial terrorism, while adhering to terrorism and a war crime.
  • Development of humanitarian relief corridors for the Gaza Strip without restrictions and lifting the unjust siege to save lives and alleviate civilian displacement, as hundreds of thousands are left without shelter and living in the open.
  • Forming an international fact-finding mission to investigate the events that preceded and led to 7 October, what happened during and after it, and bringing those involved in Israeli war crimes to justice before the International Criminal Court.
  • Immediately begin addressing the root causes of the crisis through the United Nations—and not through the United States administration, which took part in the aggression—toward implementing United Nations resolutions and enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their inalienable right to self-determination as per United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. 181.
  • Long live international solidarity!

    Long live the struggle of peoples for freedom!

    Palestinian Progressive Democratic Coalition

    (A group of political factions affiliated with the Palestine Liberation Organization that does not include Hamas or Fatah)

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