A shocking new report shows Volkswagen is buying car parts from East Turkestan/Xinjiang, the Uyghur region of China, where the Uyghur people are being tortured, brainwashed, and forced to work by the Government of China.

Call on Volkswagen to pull out of the region, immediately: SIGN THE PETITION

Over a million Uyghur people are being tortured, brainwashed, and forced to work by the Government of China -- and a shocking new report has just revealed that Volkswagen is buying its car parts from that very region.

The investigators called the working conditions "utterly appalling". Volkswagen has responded saying it rejects forced labour...but is doing nothing about it.

That`s because companies like VW are incredibly reluctant to take on the Government of China. But if we can turn this report into a massive public scandal, we can change their calculation -- and force Volkswagen to stop profiting from genocide. Add your name:

Volkswagen: stop buying parts made with forced labour!

This report shows that VW`s statements about forced labour are nothing but decoration -- Uyghurs are being forced to work in horrific conditions to supply parts for VW`s wheels, tires and windshields.

VW’s business was built off the back of Nazi Germany and its network of deadly concentration camps. It’s beyond belief that 80 years later, VW is choosing to profit from another genocide.

There’s no reason VW can’t take a stand. If it did and others joined, the Government of China will have no choice but to stop the brutal repression of Uyghurs. All that`s missing is the pressure on them to act.

A powerful US Senate commission is already warning Volkswagen that it can`t bring cars into the US if they rely on forced labour. Now all that`s missing is a public outcry that shows executives they won`t be able to sweep this under the rug. Join the call:

VW: stop profiting from Uyghur forced labour, leave the region NOW!


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Photo: A man working a smelter at a steel factory in China. Source: Per-Anders Pettersson/Getty Images.

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