How the Bezos Earth Fund Spends Its Billions

Amazon made Jeff Bezos very rich. In 2020, he decided to pledge a portion of that wealth — $10 billion — to launch the Bezos Earth Fund. It is the largest commitment to climate philanthropy ever made and, by most measures, a vast amount of money. But it is also a small fraction of the $3.5 trillion that is needed annually to hit net zero by 2050. To make an impact, it has to be spent strategically and attract a lot more money from governments and corporations. This week on Zero, Akshat Rathi asks Bezos Earth Fund CEO Andrew Steer how the fund spends its billions, what counts as success, and whether climate philanthropy is becoming the new super yacht.

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Image: Jeff Bezos has a new project: A $10bn (£7.6bn) Bezos Earth Fund to save the planet. Source: The Telegraph.

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