Civil Society Perspectives on the Use and Application of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests

In the context of the activities that the WG had planned last year on the 10th anniversary of the Tenure Guidelines, FAO commissioned FIAN to prepare a background paper to serve as an input to FAO`s work on its report on the state of land tenure and governance (publication due in 2024). Linked below is the background paper that FIAN submitted to FAO last month. This document will not be formally published, but will serve as an internal document to inform FAO`s work.

Due to the circumstances for developing this document, it was not possible to use a participatory process as we had envisioned. However, it draws on the work of the WG and its members, including the international statement issued on the 10th anniversary of the Tenure Guidelines, as well as the materials developed for the Land Struggles series that we launched in April of this year.

We hope that this background document can serve to bring the positions of this WG closer to the work of FAO, in the framework of the policy dialogue that the WG maintains with the FAO. Feel free to use it, but remember that it should not be widely disseminated.

Download the report in English, French and Spanish.

• Access to natural resources
• Agriculture
• Commons
• ESC rights
• Extraterritorial obligations
• Farmers/Peasants
• Food (rights, sovereignty, crisis)
• Globalization, negative impacts
• Indigenous peoples
• International
• Land rights
• Landless
• Livelihoods
• Pastoralists
• Property rights
• Rural planning
• Security of tenure
• Tenants
• Women
• Youth